Importing FDF


FDF and ASP (Importing to FDF/PDF)

There are a few types of ways to import an FDF Form.

Two ways are:

1. Importing FDF by requesting Data from PDF Submit Button

2. Importing by requesting Data from PDF File

The following Code illustrates the Creating, and Importing from an FDF

<%@ Language=VBSCRIPT %>

<% Option Explicit %>


‘ Resume to next statement on error

On error resume next


‘ Next we add our declare and set our FDF Objects, and set MIME Type(Output).

Dim FDFAcx, FDFin

‘ Set the Output MIME Type to FDF before we write anything to buffer

Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.fdf"

‘ Create FDF Application

Set FdfAcx = Server.CreateObject("FdfApp.FdfApp")


‘ Create FDF output to PDF File

Set FDFout = FdfAcx.FDFCreate


‘ Next, we create the FDF Input from PDF File (Uncomment One of them)

‘ 1. Open FDF From PDF File URL

‘ Set FDFin=FdfAcx.FDFOpenFromFile(Server.MapPath(“/PDF/my_file.pdf”))

‘ 2. Or Open from Buffer (PDF Submit Button)

‘ Set FDFin = FdfAcx.FDFOpenFromBuf(Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes))

 ‘ Next we get the values from the FDF file

Dim FieldValues(2)

FieldValues(1) = FDFin.FDFGetValueFieldname_One”)

FieldValues(2) = FDFin.FDFGetValueFieldname_Two”)


 ‘ Write the Status to show user the values are updated

FDFout.FDFSetStatus “Page Imported to ASP: Successful”


‘ Next we write the response to the PDF File through FDF

Response.BinaryWrite FDFin.FDFSaveToBuf


‘ Close the FDF Object and End the Response






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