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PDF and Active Server Pages

Active Server Pages are objects that write a specific file formats (MIME) to the web page. Whether it’s FDF or PDF, you must specify a Content Type or MIME type for the ASP to write to.

FDF Content Type is as follows:

Response.ContentType = “application/vnd.fdf

PDF Content Type is as follows:

Response.ContentType = “application/pdf

Since we are writing the PDF Format we use the PDF MIME for this example.

We also need a component registered with the Reg32Srv.dll (Server) called BinReadWriteBuf.dll. This object can read a binary file (PDF) and return it into a variable in an Active Server Pages Document.


<%@ Language=VBSCRIPT %>

<% Option Explicit %>


On Error Resume Next

‘ Declare Binary Object Variables

Dim vntStream3, binObj3


‘ Turn Buffer On (Must be enabled in Server Settings)

Response.Buffer = true


‘ Declare PDF Filename Variable

Dim strPdfFileName

strPdfFileName = Server.MapPath(“/PDFs/My_PDF.pdf”)


‘ Create Binary Read Buffer Object

Set binObj3 = Server.CreateObject("binReadWriteBuf.BinRead")


‘ Set the Response MIME or Content Type = PDF

Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"


‘ Load Binary File to Object Variable

vntStream3 = binObj3.readBinFile(cPdfFileName)


‘ Write the Variable to Buffer

Response.BinaryWrite vntStream3


‘ Close Object

Set binObj3 = Nothing


‘ Clear errors



‘ End Response






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