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Active Server Pages are scripting pages served on a web server. They can perform server-side scripting as well as client-side scripting. Also known as there acronym ASP, they can be useful for handling web content other than just html pages. ASP page scripts can be executed on Microsoft Internet Information servers, as well as other web servers supporting ASP. IIS is shipped with Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, and Windows Server operating systems. The layout of an ASP page is as follows. The first line must include the opening statement. There must be a declaration to the language used, enclosed in the beginning and closing parameter brackets. Don’t forget the @ symbol on the first line. They must also use the .asp extension.

<%@ Language=VBSCRIPT %>


Next, It is wise to include the option explicit parameter.

<% Option Explicit %>


Next, to use any script besides HTML it must be included in the opening and closing brackets. Opening Statement is less-than sign and then the percent sign

Closing Statement is the percent sign and then the greater-than sign

Sub XXX()

          ‘ Do Something

end Sub


Function YYY(x) as Boolean

          ‘ Do Something

End function


Next to make a comment use the single quotation mark before the comment.

‘ This is a comment in VB Script

Dim intX as integer ‘ This is also another comment

Or you can also use the REM statement to comment a whole line

REM This is yet another comment using the “REM” line


So an ASP page might look like this.

<%@ Language=VBSCRIPT %>

<% Option Explicit %>

Dim intX

intX = 2



Sub Main(x)


End Sub




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