Reference Manual .NET


Reference Manual: Version 3.0.2


Installation and Setup Instructions


PDF Suite 3.x


Essential Downloads (Install in sequence of order below):

  1. Download and Install .Net Framework Redist [ Click Here ]

  2. Download and Install .Net Framework SDK [ Click Here ]


ASP.Net Programming Tools (If you do not have Visual Studio .Net)

  • Download and Install Web Matrix [ Click Here ]


Getting Started (.Net Framework):

  1. Create New Local Account

  2. Assign Minimum NTFS Permissions

  3. Assign NTFS Permissions

  4. Configure ASP.Net to Run Using the New Account


Started (IIS 5.1, IIS 5.0):

  1. Opening Internet Information Services (IIS)

  2. Configure IIS Anonymous Access User / Password

  3. Setup Content (FDF Mime) Type in IIS

  4. Configure IIS Permissions for Web site

  5. Configure NTFS Permissions for Web site

  6. Configure Temp and Tmp Directories (Permissions)

  7. Configure IIS MIME Map (FDF)




Getting Started (.Net)


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